A "Hero" is defined as: A person of great courage or one admired for one's brave deeds and heroic qualities. As we travel through life we may never have an opportunity to meet a true "Hero".

In the city of Buena Park, California one may find 40 "Hero's" all assembled as one. This group is known as the "Hi-Tops" Dance Team.

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Upcoming Events

July 22, 2016    
Orange County Fair   4:15 pm

Sept 3, 2016      
Festival of Children Opening - South Coast Plaza 

Sept 25, 2016    
Festival of Children Closing - South Coast Plaza

Sept 29, 2016    
Fullerton Elks - 6:30 pm

Oct 14, 2016      
Silverado Days, Peak Park, Buena Park - 6:00pm


Aleen Agranowitz

Because we knew you, we have been changed for good! You've left your hand print on our

Watch the Hi-Tops perform for Eunice Kennedy Shriver